About Us

ME NewsWire is the leading provider of corporate news distribution in the Middle East and North Africa. ME NewsWire represents exclusively Business Wire - the Berkshire Hathaway Company – in the Middle East and North Africa

At ME NewsWire, we assist companies and organizations to raise their profiles, increase awareness of their presence, their products and also enhance the effectiveness of their corporate communications strategy.

We disseminate full-text and unaltered news releases, regulatory filings, photos, videos and other multimedia content to journalists, editors, equity terminals, investors, regulatory authorities and, of course, all types of media outlets worldwide including: newspapers, magazines, websites, TVs, Radios, news agencies, database websites and social media.

ME NewsWire has a very strong presence across the MENA region. Popular among the business circles of the region, this unique portal publishes only business and government specific news articles. Its unique interface makes navigation trouble-free, enabling you and your audience to access relevant information instantaneously. This portal also facilitates Event Specific pages and has the ability to provide RSS news feeds to other news portals. Once a registered user, you can also upload your news item(s), ready to be put out there as and when you decide.

But the ME NewsWire portal is so much more dynamic, interactive and resourceful. To illustrate further, the portal supports posting of multimedia press releases and news articles, directly from the website. It permits using XHTML formatting, rich text, hi-res and low-res images and, more importantly, videos. XHTML press releases can have embedded links to provide more information to readers. Clients can also target media outlets based on geographic locations, industry, subject type and specific audience needs. The system also has the nifty ability to insert social media tags and search engine optimization features. All, so your messages are presented to the right people, in a powerful, multimedia rich format.

Our sophisticated distribution system allows us to deliver your news directly into editorial systems at news agencies, newspapers, wire services, disclosure services, television and other media. Every news article and press release is archived and made available to anyone who so desires, via RSS feed.