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Online Partners

AEC Online

AEC Online has more than 70,000 unique visitors a month searching for building products and services and the newsletter over 9,000 subscribers. AEC Online target the striving real estate, building and construction market in the Middle East. The site consist of company and product information, brochures, specifications, CAD details and industry related news.


AL Press is a Business News Agency based in Dubai and covers corporate, lifestyle, government, and NGO news around the GCC region.

AME Info

AME Info is a leading provider of online business information in and about the Middle East region. Founded in the United Arab Emirates in 1993, AME Info offers both English and Arabic current information in daily news wires, editorial columns, special feature articles, reports, video and radio features, including detailed business directory information and event listings. AME Info was initially Arabian Modern Equipment Est., incorporated in Abu Dhabi, February 1993 by Saif Al-Suwaidi and Klaus Lovgreen. The first version of the AME Info CD-ROM database of 125,000 companies was developed and compiled late 1996 and sold some 10,000 copies. In mid-1996, Lars B. Nielsen joined the company as a shareholder and head of sales. In 1997, major sponsors including Royal Dutch Shell Middle East and UPS allowed the concept to expand, and the 1998 edition of AME Info reached a free circulation of more than 180,000 copies (20,000 were distributed in a branded version through Shell in the Middle East magazine). Following the 1998 edition, more branded versions were produced for Royal Dutch Shell Middle East, Batelco, Orbit Television and Radio Network and Intel. The circulation in 1999 topped out at some 250,000 free copies distributed through direct mail and magazines including Shell in the Middle East, Gulf Marketing review, The Middle East and Windows User Magazine.


On the morning of Tuesday, 28/3/1967, the first issue of the newspaper "Ad Dustour" saw light on 8 pages as a special contribution under the name of the company of Jordan Press and Publishing, the School of Journalism modern Jordanian as well as being the heir to the history and traditions of many newspapers, rooted in the conscience of the reader the Jordanian, Arab and source upon which to identify the nation and world news. In 1986 became a public company.

Al Bawaba

Al Bawaba, through its network of sites, combines the most substantive content licensing system in the Arab World with a unique and growing news community, cutting edge technology and first rate journalism. Our audience is growing at a rapid pace, as are the distinguished list of clients who recognize the value of the services we offer. Founded in 2000, Al Bawaba is considered one of the oldest and most pioneering online media websites in the Middle East and North Africa region, having built on many successes throughout a time period spanning more than a decade. The Al Bawaba network consists of several web portals and media platforms, namely the flagship (www.albawaba.com) site, Sharekna (www.sharekna.com ), Al Bawaba Music (music.albawaba.com), Al Bawaba Blogs (blogs.albawaba.com) and Syndigate (www.syndigate.info) .

Al Ghad

Al-Ghad newspaper occupied a leading position in the Jordanian market within a short period of time, as their star shine among its competitors because of its independence and credibility have changed the standards of the local press and make tomorrow a reliable source of news for the local and reference adopted by months of news agencies and the Arab World. Al Ghad newspaper coversdifferent sectors and topics of interest to its readers to meet this needs and open the door to discussion and constructive dialogue and objective analysis of the various issues and opinions, providing tomorrow's readers a variety of relevant departments, which covers the last news of political, economic, financial, sports and entertainment.

Al Mustaqbal

Al Mustaqbal is the daily on-line edition of one of Lebanon's leading newspapers. It is a credible source of Lebanese and regional news, redesigned to offer breaking news and on-the-spot follow-up. This site brings together an unmatched combination of high-quality content and powerful interactive capabilities.

Al Qabas Newspaper

Dar Al-Qabas press, printing and publishing institution is an independent Kuwaiti newspaper established on 12/02/1972. It is supervised and managed by a Board of Directors consisting of the shareholders and staff of five members. First issue was published on February 22, 1972. Walid Abdul Latif has been the editor in chief since since July 5, 1999 and still remains to date.

Al Sham Info

Al Sham Info is a modern and objective news portal that covers all aspect of life in the Arab Republic of Syria in Arabic & English, serving the business and social needs of individuals and institutes functioning or targeting the markets of Syria.For more information, please visit:  http://www.alshaminfo.com/

Al Sham Info

هو موقع إخباري حديث وموضوعي يغطي جميع نواحي الحياة في الجمهورية العربية السورية وباللغتين العربية والإنجليزية. ويخدم الحاجات التجارية والاجتماعية للأفراد والمؤسسات العاملة في سورية أو التي تستهدف أسواقها. لمزيد من المعلومات، الرجاء زيارة الموقع الالكتروني:http://www.alshaminfo.com


For more information about AlDiwan, please click here 

Algeria Business Info

Algeria Business Info is a trilingual website of Arabic, French and English languages, dedicated to covering all business and economic updates and situations in Algeria, with a contemporary feel and news professionalism. For more information, Please visit: http://www.algeriabusinessinfo.com/

Algeria Times

Algeria Times reflects the socioeconomic and business developments that occur all over Algeria for English, French and Arabic readers. It is a must for whoever is interested in information on Algeria. For more information, Please visit: http://www.algeriatimes.info/

Amman Daily News

Amman Daily News although it is called Amman, yet this portal covers all provinces across the Kingdom of Jordan in Arabic and English. Just click on whatever you are interested in knowing within Jordan, and we will take you there. For more information, Please visit: http://www.ammannewsdaily.com/

Ammon News

"Ammon News" is not a portal or a blog or a newspaper or news agency or the Arab world or other form of electronic media, local communities, it is an ambitious idea to establish an alternative media to the voice of the majority has been silent for many years.   It is a serious attempt to take care of a national innovation opens new horizons for those who close the doors for them to the media as saying the right and prerogative professional distance himself from the vulgarity and extortion ... Is without doubt a modest beginning with the idea turned into reality imposed itself on the scene as an important part of the concrete structure of Arab opinion.

Arab Finance

ArabFinance , a licensed online brokerage company, established nine years ago and integrated directly with the Egyptian Stock Market.   ArabFinance.com was formed to meet a growing demand for online trading, transparent financial information and services in Egypt and Arab world, it is also a direct-dealing medium, which represents a break with the traditional role of brokers and facilitates trading on any amount of stocks through the new OTVentures powered portal without the usual intermediary interference. OTVentures, which also manages the portal, is the leading Internet service and solutions provider, a subsidiary of Orascom Telecom Holding Company. What accounts for the popularity of ArabFinance.com is its bilingual service, up-to-the-minute news, covering both Egypt and the Middle East and helping to traders to deal on stocks. 

Arabian Business

Arabian Business.com - the region's premier resource for informed news, features and commentary. The website, updated minute by minute provides breaking news as it happens ahead of daily newsppaers and other media. Part of ITP - the biggest publishing company in the Middle East.


لمزيد من المعلومات، الرجاء زيارة الموقع الالكتروني:http://www.automiddleeast.com

Azad News Middle East

For more infomation about Azad News Middle East, please click here : http://www.azadnewsme.com/

Bahrain Business News

Bahrain Business News takes you to all sectors of business and life within the Kingdom of Bahrain. Whether you prefer English or Arabic surfing, the choice is available in a user friendly way with experts’ approach.For more information, Please visit: http://www.bahrainbiznews.com/

Beirut Business Report

Beirut Business Report reflects the media diversity of Lebanon, with all the political, economic, commercial, touristic, educational, and information varieties. It is the Arabic, French and English gate from Beirut into the whole of Lebanon.For more information, Please visit: http://www.beirutbizreport.com/

Beirut Times

The Beirut Times is the only independent, cultural, social and political newspaper published and distributed weekly in the whole United States, to serve the Lebanese and the Arab-American communities. All articles, views and advertisements strictly express the views of their signed authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Beirut Times management. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronically or mechanically, including photocopying or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written consent of the publisher.


bizbahrain is the first local business media network for the specialist at work at any level in any industry interested in knowing about Bahrain’s economy. It is also the perfect business news source for Bahrain’s ambassadors looking to promote the Kingdom’s market to potential overseas investors.

Business Intelligence Middle East

BusinessIntelligence-Middle East (BI-ME) at www.BI-ME.com  is a new kind of media resource for the region that provides the tools necessary for business. Readers are offered a prime source of high quality information, access to business opportunities, reports and services. Advertisers, sponsors and potential commercial partners are offered a perfect platform to display, promote and communicate their services and products effectively to sectors of Middle East industry and services.


This blog focuses on company news in Egypt and the rest of the world. It brings the word of the business directly to the reader with minimal intervention to provide a true-to-business projection of latest happenings and developments in companies own words. 

Dar Al Hayat

"Dar Al Hayat" provides visitors with a station of the latest developments, reports, and articles of literary analysis from journalists and correspondents of the "Al Hayat", and other collaborators. "Dar Al Hayat" seeks to secure communication between readers and publications. It also serves as the interface that is promoted to the content of the three other locations.

Doha Insight

Doha Insight digs into the very core of the business, social and economic updates of Qatar. The portal provides the latest news in English and Arabic to fulfill your hunger for information.For more information, Please visit: http://www.dohainsight.com/

Donia Al-Watan

Established in 2003.Interested in Arab and international affairs.Includes various sections focus on Arab affairs, International events, economy, sport, culture, social events, entertainment and science. Donia Al-Watan is updated hourly to keep up with breaking news and events.

Drive Arabia

Drive Arabia has strived to become the leading automotive portal for the U.A.E and the rest of the Middle East. Our audience consists of people from all over the region, researching to buy a new or used car, or just enthusiasts looking up what's new in the world of automobiles. With sections covering every new car, 4WD, pickup and minivan in the local market, information listed on the most popular used cars, coverage of various international auto shows, previews of upcoming future model releases, and entertaining video content, Drive Arabia has become the one-stop website for everything automotive in the Middle East.

Egypt Commercial News

Egypt Commercial News with such a huge nation, we cover all aspects of Egypt’s news, encompassing all information to explore in Arabic and English; it is the sum of all news providers of business, economics, finance, tourist attractions, social events, sports, etc.For more information, Please visit: http://www.egyptcmnews.com/

Egypt Oil & Gas

Egypt Oil & Gas products and services, are an English, monthly oil & gas industry-specific newspaper, data services, in the form of industry-related reports and maps, a interactive and user-friendly directory taking contacts searching to new levels, training programs and recruitment opportunities through a career center service and we guarantee the delivery of professional, relevant, well attended events. Energy Information Services also presents this web portal as a daily source of information and the online arm of the above-mentioned Egypt Oil & Gas products and services and business liaison, e-marketplace. Our mission is to provide our clients with timely, accurate and useful energy information through quality and productivity-oriented products and services. Our vision is to being recognized as the most credible and informative source of energy information in the region.


"ELAPH," an independent media focusing on providing news and information, with absolute objectivity. "ELAPH" does not belong to the stream, does not reflect the party, and does not stand with the state against another. It is a window to the Arab world, and the bridge of the world to it.

Eye of Dubai

The leading online portal covering news from within the UAE as well as the region. Eye of Dubai provides you with news and insights on business, stocks, technology, media, events, fashion, society and more. It is updated on a daily basis.

Eye of Riyadh

www.eyeofriyadh.com; one of the biggest and most visited KSA websites in the fields of tourism and investment, EyeOfRiyadh.com includes interactive services, valuable information and the latest money, business, social and lifestyle news.

Forbes Middle East

Forbes is an American publishing and media company. Its flagship publication, the Forbes magazine, is published biweekly. The magazine is well-known for its lists, including its lists of the richest Americans (the Forbes 400) and its list of billionaires. The motto of Forbes magazine is "The Capitalist Tool." Its editor-in-chief is Steve Forbes.

Gulf Base

Gulf Pace: Pace, the company's website is the leading source of detailed financial information for all companies in the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar). The site offers the latest financial data and market information in addition to advanced investment tools, IPO, mutual funds, investment education program and more. And can access most of these services through free membership and distinctive memberships.

Gulf In the Media

Gulf in the Media is a bi-lingual (Arabic/English) site devoted to presenting balanced and up-to-date news and analysis relevant to the Gulf region. News is sourced not only from the leading global news providers but also from news agencies and other news providers in the Gulf region, including those based in the GCC states of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Oman. Up-to-the-minute news can be browsed directly by provider and news can also be searched by country, category and topic.. Comprehensive link lists facilitate direct access to the Press Agencies of the GCC states as well as to a wide variety of other media sources in the Gulf region, classified according to country, media type and name.

Iraq Daily Journal

Iraq Daily Journal on daily basis we provide updates on the business, commercial, economic, social and political events and analysis regarding all of Iraq, including Kurdistan, for Arabic and English surfers.For more information, Please visit: http://www.iraqdailyjournal.com/


لمزيد من المعلومات، الرجاء زيارة الموقع الالكتروني: http://www.kippreport.com

Kuwait Daily News

Kuwait Daily News whatever you seek in Kuwait, you can find in this portal. Just enter and enjoy the wealth of information and the speed of the updates in Arabic and English. For more information, Please visit: http://www.q8dailynews.com/

Lebanon Files

A leading online newspaper portal featuring news from Lebanon and the region.

Libya Business Info

Libya Business Info indeed we cover all sectors that exist in Libya with objectivity and detachment. We are the major providers of Libyan developments on daily basis to satisfy the needs of interested individuals and corporations in Arabic and English.For more information, Please visit: http://www.libyabizinfo.com/

MENA Financial Network

The Middle East North Africa Financial Network, Inc. (MENAFN) is the leading provider of online and wireless financial content and financial technology platforms to leading institutions and consumers around the Arab world. MENAFN was founded in June 2000 by a team of serial entrepreneurs with successful track records in the region. 

MENA Herald

MENA Herald is a fast-growing business news website. We bring you the latest business news and analysis from The Middle East and North Africa.

Mid-East.info (MEi)

Mid-East.info (MEi) is a daily updated business news and information publisher, covering the greater Middle East region. Since 2012, MEi publishes news, articles, reports and other forms of content for those who are interested in doing business in the Middle East. We seek to bring closer instant business updates, market data, tips for doing business in MENA region, reports and analysis and other useful information that business professionals will appreciate.

Morocco Gazette

Morocco Gazette this site is by far the daily magazine online for all information needed regarding the Kingdom of Morocco. You may witness the daily updates in Arabic, French and English.For more information, Please visit: http://www.marocgazette.com/

Oman Bulletin

Oman Bulletin is the prime destination for surfers interested in all sectors of the Sultanate of Oman. It is just a click away from the sea of information in Arabic and English.For more information, Please visit: http://www.omanbulletin.com/

Oman Daily

Oman Daily is a daily newspaper that consists of 24 main pages, with a 16-page Economic Section, 8-page Sports section, 8 pages, with other supplements according to thedays of the week.

Palestine Journal

Palestine Journal is your big door to enter the events, opportunities and news of the State of Palestine. All are there in Arabic and English.For more information, Please visit: http://www.paljournal.net/

Saudi Daily Record

Saudi Daily Record where all updates of the Saudi economic, business, financial, political and social markets are available. We cover all the Saudi markets in Arabic and English. For more information, Please visit: http://www.saudidailyrecord.net/


Smart Oman is a  business information portal covering business news from Oman and the region as well as internationally.

Sudan Commerce News

Sudan Commerce News is a website that includes all that one needs to know about Sudan in Arabic and English. It is the best choice to follow Sudan’s updates on daily basis.For more information, Please visit: http://www.sdeconews.com/

Tehran Telegram

Tehran Telegram all the information you need about the Islamic Republic of Iran in Arabic and English, it is a complete daily coverage of all of Iran’s sectors. For more information, Please visit: http://www.tehrantelegram.com/    

Tunis Daily News

Tunis Daily News reflects the name it holds for being the daily news portal of Tunis, covering all of the country’s developments in all fields. The information is available in Arabic, French and English. For more information, Please visit: http://www.tdailynews.net/

UAE Business Review

UAE Business Review whether you are interested in business opportunities, financial updates, sports, autos, social life, tourist attractions, or the latest developments in the UAE; you just enter this portal that will take you to the UAE major cities in a blink of an eye. You may surf across the UAE through this website in Arabic and English.For more information, Please visit: http://www.uaereview.com/

Yemen News

Yemen News this website invites you to tour all over Yemen and to explore its various sectors and social life. It contains the latest news of the country, updated daily in Arabic and English to keep you in the loop.  For more information, Please visit: http://www.yemennewstraffic.com/

Yemen Online

لمزيد من المعلومات، الرجاء زيارة الموقع الالكتروني: http://www.yemenonline.info

Yes Gulf

We take immense pride in being one of the most authentic, reliable and credible news source in Gulf. We make extra effort to bring you fresh news daily. Our leading purpose is to keep you updated and well informed at all times about all happenings in your surroundings. The website is updated every single minute to keep you abreast of the most recent news as soon as they come. The information provided is well researched and authentic. We believe in truth and project the truth to our audience.


Zawya is the leading Middle East business information company serving the high-end business and financial professional community. Headquartered in Dubai, Zawya has sales and support offices in Lebanon, Kuwait, Malaysia and Singapore serving a global user base of over 212,000 high end business professionals. Zawya covers detailed information on the top 10,000 companies in the Middle East with comprehensive live news coverage through the exclusive Zawya Dow Jones newswire service. Furthermore, the service provides industry news, macroeconomic reports, country statistics, stock market data as well as specialized databases such as IPO, Sukuk and Private Equity monitors. In addition to subscription services, Zawya offers advertisers the ability to target the most affluent online audience with an interest in the MENA region. Zawya’s online service caters to and attracts only serious professional users and decision makers as it has the only fee paying user base in the region.